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About Happy Legs Club 

With the Happy affiliate program you can earn a consistent commission selling essential bathroom products. Happy offers a premium women’s shave club at an honest price with an experience second to no other. For as low as $4 a month, our members’ receive premium women’s razors sent directly to their door on a bi-monthly or quarterly basis. With choices of 3 or 5 blade options, we focus on creating a convenient solution for busy women to always have a sharp razor. We know by the time you normally remember to get a new razor, it’s already too late, you’re stuck in the shower with an old dull blade. We are the solution.

Our audience are women…that shave…which we hope are all. We know that seems humorous but it’s the truth! We sell a product that the majority, if not ALL, women NEED.

Why should you join?

• Give your visitors or followers access to amazing deals by offering regular discount offers

• Commission: up to $8

• Cookie: up to 30 days

• Average Sale: $15

• Dedicated affiliate management team

How to join?

Happy Legs Club has built a program focused on long-term relationships with trusted content-based affiliates and influencers like you. Click below and get set up today. We look forward at building a relationship that helps everyone; our members, YOU, and us.