We believe women deserve a premium shave.

Keeping it simple is in our DNA. Premium razors; for women; on a reoccurring basis. As a start up out of Asheville, NC our goal is to make you "HAPPY" by offering premium shaving essentials conveniently. We are taking the hassle out of going to the store and having to remember which razor you bought last. We're offering something EASY, AFFORDABLE and PREMIUM. The wait is over! The circle is here!

We package and post all of our products out of the Asheville, North Carolina and have sent our boxes to members in each of the 50 states. Although we don't live in the Biltmore House here in Asheville, we believe these razors would have made even Mrs. Vanderbilt a HAPPY soul.

We're also excited about what's next. Even though we pride ourselves on our premium razors and “to your door” service, we plan on rolling out a new line of all-natural health and beauty products to compliment our members’ shaving experience. So join the circle today, because at HappyLegsClub.com, the perfect shave is our hair-free guarantee.

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Why Happy Legs Club?

All prices are not created equal. For some reason it seems like, as women, we pay a premium for bathroom products, specifically razors, compared to our male counterparts. Is there some magic spell on our overpriced merchandise that keeps us younger than the other gender? As a result we have compromised our bodies by shaving with “less than stellar” products because we don’t want to keep paying such ridiculous prices. Enter Happy Legs Club, a women’s shave club that offers premium razors directly to your door.

Online services are so convenient nowadays, and women are leading the way in this smart easy way to shop, especially when it comes to the essentials. Because of this simple, direct to consumer, option you no longer have to pay for overpriced shaving products at the grocery store. Great quality razors at realistic prices are back again and now even more convenient than ever before!

If you’re a woman and you shave (which let’s face it, we hope you do and we know your significant other hopes so too) then you’re our market and we’re definitely your solution! Happy Legs Club is the fastest growing women’s razor membership around. Live with a clear conscience knowing you’re not being taken advantage of and that you'll probably be getting a much better shave, under your arm, on your legs, and all the other parts we women shave. So join the circle today and never worry about shaving needs again.