How Does Happy Legs Club Work?

Premium razors directly to your door

Happy Legs Club is extremely easy: Select one of our premium razors, choose your shipping schedule, we will send you a handle with your first order, and from this day forward your razors will be on cruise control, directly to your door.  Never any shipping fees.

Select Your Razor

Choose your Delivery Schedule

Our goal is to give you what you need, yet stay out of your hair, no pun intended. You select whether you would like to receive your blades once every 2 months (bi-monthly) or once every 3 months (quarterly). We recommend you change your blade every 10-15 days for a premium shave. "Do I need to change it that often?” Maybe, maybe not. Either way, if you change your blade regularly you will ALWAYS have a smooth shave.

Designed to fit your needs

Adjust your membership status anytime. UPGRADE to a different razor, CHANGE your shipment schedule, SKIP a cycle because you have enough blades already, or CANCEL because you just decided to stop shaving for a year (we don't recommend this). Regardless of what you would like to do there is no commitment or obligation.

What you get with your subscription

On your initial order we will send you 4 premium razor blades and a handle. The handle is ergonomically designed for an optimal grip and weighted a little heavier to give a more precise shave.

Every cycle after, we will send you 6 new razor blades so you can keep those legs as smooth as a baby's butt. And remember, by switching out your blade regularly (every 10-15 days) you will never jeopardize your skin.

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Select from one of two premium razors (3 or 5 blade) and choose your shipping schedule (every 2 or 3 months). 4 refills come with your initial shipment and 6 refills with each renewal.


Be happy knowing that your new razors are on their way and shipping is always free. Normally delivered in 3-5 days.


Enjoy keeping your entire body smooth and relax knowing that you can CHANGE, SKIP or CANCEL your membership anytime, no questions asked.

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